Fire Department
Pre-planning Software

Preplanning is a critical aspect of the fire service allowing fire protection agencies to identify hazards such as chemicals while developing  response contingencies and counter measures to protect the community and its personnel. The benefits of preplanning are often not recognized or appreciated until its time of use.  To learn more about features of our preplanning software click the "Learn More" button below. 


Pre-planning commercial properties in your first due area is crucial today no more than every. With Station Boss's preplanning module you can store crucial data such as:

- Knox Box Location
- Gate & Fire Alarm Pin Numbers
- Annunciator Locations
- Stand Pipe & Sprinkler System Details
- Building Condition
- Hazards Associated With The Property
- Auto Calculated GPM Fire Flow Rates
- Auto Calculated Square Footage
- Classification & Construction Type
- Attachments Such As Photos

Pre-planning Mapping

With our modern mapping platform you can simply drag and drop icons on the map to their assigned location. Our preplanning mapping platform includes the following features:

- Mark Hazards Such As Chemicals Being Stored
- Mark Staircases and Elevators
- Auto Calculate Sq. Ft . Based on Building Footprint
- Mark Driveways & Parking Lots
- Water Disconnects
- Hydrants
- Add Your Own Custom Icons

Fire Department Preplanning Software

Efficient preplanning is essential for fire departments to effectively respond to emergencies and safeguard communities. With Preplanning Software by Station Boss, fire departments gain access to a comprehensive solution that revolutionizes preplanning processes, enabling the mapping and logging of vital details for each location. Discover how our Preplanning Software can streamline your preplanning efforts, enhance situational awareness, and optimize response strategies.

Preplanning Software allows you to start preplanning properties in your fire district today by mapping and logging all vital details of each location. With intuitive mapping tools, you can accurately map driveways, structure footprints, and mark hazards such as chemical storage areas. By capturing this critical information, you can create a comprehensive database of properties, ensuring quick access to essential details during emergencies.

Understanding the layout of utilities and hydrants is crucial for effective response planning. Preplanning Software enables you to mark utilities such as gas meters and track the locations of nearest hydrants. This information equips your fire department with the knowledge needed to swiftly access essential resources during emergencies, improving response times and minimizing potential risks.

Enhance your preplanning efforts by adding floor plans to your database*. With Preplanning Software, you can digitally store floor plans, providing crucial information about building layouts and potential hazards. Additionally, you can create custom inspection checklists tailored to your department's specific requirements. These checklists help ensure thorough inspections, enabling you to identify potential risks and develop effective mitigation strategies.

Preplanning Software includes a permits management feature*, allowing you to issue and track permits for properties within your jurisdiction. By streamlining the permits process, you can ensure compliance, improve communication with property owners, and effectively manage potential risks associated with specific locations.

Preplanning Software seamlessly integrates with existing fire department systems and technologies, ensuring a smooth transition and enhanced operational efficiency. Our software is designed with scalability in mind, accommodating the needs of fire departments of all sizes. We are continually developing new features and enhancements to further elevate your preplanning efforts and equip your department with cutting-edge tools.

Preplanning Software by Station Boss empowers fire departments with advanced tools to streamline preplanning processes and enhance emergency response capabilities. From mapping driveways and structure footprints to marking hazards and tracking utilities, our software provides a comprehensive solution for effective preplanning. Stay ahead of emergencies with floor plans, custom inspection checklists, and permits management features*. Elevate your preplanning efforts, improve response times, and enhance community safety with Preplanning Software by Station Boss. Experience the future of preplanning technology and unlock the full potential of your fire department today!

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