Features of Station Boss's Fire Department Software


Station Boss is a comprehensive fire department software designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of fire department operations. With a wide range of powerful features, it provides fire departments with the tools they need to streamline processes, automate tasks, and gain valuable insights. From incident reporting and resource tracking to personnel management and financial administration, Station Boss offers a complete solution for managing all aspects of fire department operations. With its user-friendly interface, customizable options, and robust reporting capabilities, Station Boss empowers fire departments to optimize resource allocation, improve response times, and make informed decisions. Experience the power of Station Boss and take your fire department to the next level.



Fire Department Dispatch Alerts Station Boss Active 911 iamrepsonding


Get notified of dispatches in seconds and not minutes by utilizing our SMS or Mobile App dispatch notifications.  

- Works With All CAD Software
- Easy Setup For Your Dispatch Center
- Receive SMS or Mobile App Notifications
- Include Vital Information In Dispatch Alert
- Click To Route Ability 

Fire Department Incident Software NFIRS Station Boss


By utilizing our NFIRS 5.0 Incident Reporting feature you will save countless hours on entering in your incident reports. 

- Track Incident Metrics
- Track Patient/Victim Information
- Track Insurance Information 
- Attach Scene Images/Videos
- Track Equipment That Responded
- NERIS Reporting (Coming Soon!)

Fire Department Training Software Station Boss


Station Boss makes tracking training records easy! You can also track certifications and their expirations as well. 

- Track Trainings Attended Metrics
- Track Certifications & Their Expirations
- Training Reports
- Track Training Instructors

Firefighter Department Maintenance Software Station Boss


Setup recurring scheduled maintenance with Station Boss. Also you can track equipment checks and fuel logs with ease.

- Track Scheduled Maintenance
- Track Fuel Logs
- Pull Maintenance Reports
- Create Maintenance Requests

Fire Department Accounting Software RMS


Track department finances from day 1 using our suite of accounting tools. Track revenue, expenses, and annual budgets. Create custom reports or use our pre-built reports.

- Accept Online Payments
- Accept Online Donations
- Send Invoices Electronically*
- Create Purchase Orders
- Print Checks
- Print Deposit Slips*
- Generate Financial Reports

*Indicates that this feature is under development and may not be available to all users immediately for use. 

Meeting Minutes Software Fire Department RMS Station Boss


Start organizing your business meetings today by using Station Boss to track all vital details of your business meetings all in one place.

- Track Motions Made
- Record Meeting Start Time
- Record Meeting Adjourned Time
- Roll Call Record
- Search Motions & Comments Made Later
- Track Attendance Metrics
- Generate Meeting Reports
- Track Election Terms
- E-Voting*

*Indicates that this feature is under development and may not be available to all users immediately for use.

Fire Department Preplanning Software Station Boss


Start preplanning properties in your fire due today by mapping logging all vital details of each location.

- Map Drive Ways
- Map Structure Footprints
- Mark Hazards Such As Chemical Storage
- Mark Utilities Such As Gas Meters
- Track Nearest Hydrants
- Add Floor Plans*
- Custom Inspection Checklist
- Issue Permits

*Indicates that this feature is under development and may not be available to all users immediately for use. 

Fire Department Fire Dues Software


Send out fire dues notices to properties in your ESN at the click of a button. Station Boss handles all the stamping, printing, and stuffing task so you never have to do it again. 

- Send 250 Postal Letters Per Minute ($)
- Tracking Provided With Each Letter
- Printed In Full Color
- Accept Online Payments For Fire Dues
- Auto Generate Fire Dues Notices
- Track Fire Dues Status For Each Properties
- Set Different Rates For Different Properties

Fire Truck GPS Navigation Station Boss


Navigate To Your Scene With Ease! The dispatch will come into your app and from there you click the enroute button! That easy!

- Auto Navigate To Scenes
- Navigate To Nearest Fire Hydrant
- Track Responding Members
- Track Responding Apparatus
- View Dispatch Details
- IOS & Android  Apps 
- Get Dispatch Notifications 

911 Dispatch Console Fire Department Station Boss


Give your dispatch center full access to your fire departments communication when it comes to responding to calls for service by utilizing our dispatch console.

- Dispatch One or More Agencies With Ease
- Track Equipment & Personnel Resources As They Respond
- Send Updates via Instant Chat Notifications 
- Log Status Changes Instantly
- View Hydrants & Other Map Data Such As Addresses
- Control Multiple Calls From One Screen
- Pass Caller Info Into Incident Record
- Real Time Address and Intersection Search

Emergency Management Mass Alerts


Utilize our mass alert system to notify your community of important situations such as a wildfire. You can also add custom groups for uses such as notifying your firefighters of a meeting upcoming.

- Reach 1000's of Contacts In Seconds*
- Online Alert Group Sign-Up*
- Automated Weather Warnings*
- Activate Tornado Sirens*

*Indicates that this feature is under development and may not be available to all users immediately for use.