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Station Boss Fire Department RMS Software Pricing


  • 1-20 Personnel
  • 1-100 Incidents Yearly
  • All Features Included


  • 21-50 Personnel
  • 101-250 Incidents Yearly
  • All Features Included


  • 51-100 Personnel
  • 251-750 Incidents Yearly
  • All Features Included


  • 101-150 Personnel
  • 751-1250 Incidents Yearly
  • All Features Included

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Station Boss Pricing Details

Choosing the right pricing structure for your fire department software is crucial for budgeting and ensuring a sustainable investment. At Station Boss, we understand the importance of transparency and flexibility when it comes to pricing. In this SEO article, we will explain our pricing structure and highlight the benefits of our annual subscription plans for fire department software.

We offer flexible monthly subscription plans tailored to meet the specific needs of your fire department. Our pricing is based on the number of members or users, incidents handled yearly, and additional services required. Here are the details of our pricing tiers:

1. Rookie Plan:
- $100 per month
- 1-20 Members
- 1-100 Incidents Yearly

2. Lieutenant Plan:
- $150 per month
- 11-50 Members
- 101-250 Incidents Yearly

3. Captain Plan:
- $250 per month
- 51-100 Members
- 251-750 Incidents Yearly

4. Chief Plan:
- $300 per month
- 101-150 Members
- 751-1250 Incidents Yearly

In addition to our monthly plans, we also provide annual subscription options. Our annual plans offer the convenience of a fixed monthly cost for an entire year. By opting for an annual subscription, you can enjoy even more value for your investment. Our annual pricing is calculated by multiplying the monthly cost by 12 months.

Our pricing structure is designed to be transparent and straightforward. We provide a breakdown of the costs associated with our plans, including any additional services such as mailed letters or checks.

At Station Boss, we believe in providing flexible pricing options to accommodate the unique needs of your fire department. Whether you choose a monthly plan or opt for an annual subscription, you can expect clear pricing, simplified billing, and the flexibility to adjust as your department's needs change.

Contact our team today to discuss your fire department's requirements and find the perfect pricing plan for your needs. We are here to support you in optimizing your fire department software and helping you streamline operations efficiently.

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