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Welcome to Station Boss. We are dedicated to empowering fire departments with innovative technology that streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and improves overall performance. With our comprehensive suite of features, including incident reporting, preplanning, training records, maintenance records, and more. Our user-friendly platform, coupled with exceptional customer support, ensures that you have the tools and resources you need to effectively manage your fire department. Join the growing community of fire departments that trust Station Boss for their software needs. Experience the difference and take your fire department to new heights with Station Boss

Station Boss Fire Department Software
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Station Boss Fire Department Software is super easy to use! It has all the tools you need to run your fire department smoothly. With features like incident reporting, preplanning, training records, maintenance records, and dispatch notifications, everything is in one place. You can even get updates on your phone! Try Station Boss and see how it makes managing your fire department a breeze! With Station Boss Fire Department Software, you can do everything you need for your fire department in one simple place. It's designed to be easy to use, even if you're not a computer expert. You can report incidents, plan ahead for emergencies, keep track of training records, manage maintenance tasks, and get instant notifications when there's a dispatch. Everything is organized and accessible, so you can spend less time on paperwork and more time focused on saving lives. Give Station Boss a try and see how it can simplify your fire department operations.

Why Use Station Boss

Station Boss's Cloud Based Fire Department Software Works For You and Not Against You. 


Station Boss uses bank grade technology to protect your data and our infrastructure. All data is backed up daily. 

Mobile Friendly

Use our IOS or Android Apps to access your Station Boss account on the go. Also you can download the IOS Tablet app for your apparatus.


Station Boss understands that seconds count when it comes responding to an incident. This is why our platform has been built with record breaking speed.


Merge all your systems into one saving your agency thousands of dollars a year. There's no hidden fees or setup fees. One flat rate subscription per month or year. 



Fire department software helps fire departments work better and faster. It has special features made just for them. This software helps with things like reporting incidents and managing resources. It makes it easier for firefighters to do their jobs and helps firefighters work together as a team.

One important thing fire department software does is help firefighters report incidents quickly and accurately. They can use an easy-to-use computer program, such as Station Boss to log important details like where the incident happened and what they saw. This helps them respond better and make better decisions. The software also helps them talk to each other and stay organized during emergencies.

Fire department software also helps with other important tasks. It helps keep track of the equipment firefighters use and makes sure it's in good shape. It helps manage schedules and training for firefighters, making sure they're ready for their jobs. The software also helps with paperwork and budgets, so firefighters have more time to focus on helping people.

Fire department software is a helpful tool that makes the work of firefighters easier and helps them do their jobs better. It keeps them organized, helps them communicate, and ensures that they have the resources they need. With fire department software, firefighters can work together as a team and keep their communities safe.

Our Fire Department Software Technology

Experience the cutting-edge technology of Station Boss Fire Department Software, the ultimate solution for fire department management. Our cloud-based platform offers a secure and reliable environment for all your fire department needs. With its mobile-friendly design and dedicated apps for both Android and iOS, you can access your fire department data anytime, anywhere. From incident reporting and personnel management to resource tracking and comprehensive analytics, our software provides a comprehensive suite of features to streamline your operations. Trust in our state-of-the-art technology to optimize your fire department's efficiency and effectiveness. Choose Station Boss Fire Department Software for a seamless, secure, and comprehensive fire department management solution.

Cloud Based

Access Anywhere


IOS & Android Apps


Find Answers To Your Questions Below About Station's Boss Fire Department Platform

Our pricing is by far the most affordable pricing on the market. A few factors go into pricing but I will say the average department ends up spending a fraction of what they did with their previous provider. You can view our pricing by visiting the PRICING PAGE

Absolutely not. We do not lock any agency into any contract. Try Station Boss's Fire Department software and if you don't like it then cancel. 

Yes. You can access our platform by downloading the IOS or Android app. We also have a dedicated app for Apple iPads for your apparatus. 

Yes. Our platform is NFIRS 5.0 compliant. This means you can count on your incidents to easily be sent to NFIRS with accurate data. 

Yes. We have our one way integration which works through a simple email that your dispatch center will send when dispatching your agency. For more advanced integrations we have an API for custom integrations.

Station Boss can help your agency organize itself into a central location. This allows for a much better ISO Audit, and grant application. Simply access all the data you need for your grant and ISO audits with a few clicks. Also Station Boss can help your firefighters respond with more information during an incident. Rather it be hazmat or just simply seeing where another firefighter or asset is. 

Station Boss